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Anja David CNHC  

Reiki Master  EFT Practitioner  dōTERRA Oils

Reiki 1 Course

2 days, In Person Training, Peckham - London

Course Dates for 2022 Coming Soon.

Early Bird Price £315 for the first 6 places /  Full Course cost £350 

Book Reiki 1 & 2 together ** £650 - save £120

The next Reiki 1 course is soon to be announced, join my mailing list to be the first to hear! 

This comprehensive 2 day course will give you a new healing technique in the palm of your hands. You will learn how to give Reiki to yourself, and to others. You’ll be amazed to discover its many benefits as you learn to feel the energy and trust your intuition in this ancient healing art. 

Reiki 1 is all about deepening our connection to our inner self and will awaken your innate healing abilities. Places are limited, as Anja only offers her courses to small groups so that she can give you a personal experience and spend time with each participant.

This course is perfectly tailored for beginners - whether you’ve never had a Reiki session before or perhaps you have had many and read all the books - the course is designed to meet you where you are.

Reiki is a wonderful, relaxing and non-invasive healing modality. You will learn the hand positions, grounding techniques and some extra techniques to give yourself and your loved ones a full Reiki Treatment. You can use Reiki on your pets too! It has a re-energising, balancing effect, perfect for our self-healing journey.

The ability to channel Reiki energy is passed from Teacher to Student thorough a series of sacred attunements opening the crown, heart & palm chakras to Universal energy. Once you have received this attunement, you will have the ability to connect to Reiki throughout your life.

During our 2 days together you will have the opportunity to practise your new skills and share your experiences with your course mates. It will be a small group of like-minded individuals, providing you a secure, safe space to learn & ask questions.

We will cover the following modules:

• What is Energy?

• The Chakra System

• What is Reiki?

• The History of Reiki

• Your Reiki Lineage

• The 5 Reiki Principals

• What is a Reiki Attunement?

• Preparing to Use Reiki, clearing, meditation & grounding

• Giving Yourself Reiki (Self-Treatment)

• Treating Others – A Full Reiki Session

• Giving Reiki to Plants & Animals

What you can expect:

Before the course you will receive lots of information about how you can prepare yourself & you’ll be given a consciously curated reading list to help you get in the mood.

Small groups of wonderful fellow students

All courses and one to one sessions are fully Covid compliant

You will receive:

• A Comprehensive Reiki 1 Manual

• A professionally recognised Certificate

• 4 In-person attunements spread over the 2 days

• The ability to go home and start sharing this amazing energy with your loved ones, on yourself and any lucky pets!

• An ongoing deeper connection to self that is felt uniquely by each individual

• A new way to self-heal, for life

After care:

When we train in the art of Reiki with others a connection is naturally formed within the group, as we receive the attunements in a collective energetic space. The old Reiki tradition is that all students gather for Reiki shares and to receive Reju blessings (a further form of attunement) from their Reiki Master. Following the course you will receive:

• 20% off a pre or post One to one Reiki session with Anja (in person or v ia zoom)

• 6 months free Calm Space membership, join our beautiful little community of Reiki practitioners who are sharing their journey together.

• Invitation to attend our private monthly online Reiki share, a call providing mentorship and connection.

About Anja:

Anja is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher & EFT Practitioner. She is trained in both the Western Usui Shiki Ryoho & Japanese Usui Reiki Ryoko lineages of Reiki. She has many years of experience treating & teaching clients in her busy South London practice. 

"Her calm, intuitive way of passing knowledge helps to put you at ease, and she creates a magical environment for her students. Anja will be with you every step of the way as you open up to your own personal journey with Reiki."

Course details & Booking Info:

The next Reiki 1 course is soon to be announced, join my mailing list to be the first to hear!  Course Dates for 2022 Coming Soon. Or if you'd like to register your interest send me an email [email protected]