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Anja David CNHC  

Reiki Master  EFT Practitioner  dōTERRA Oils

The Sleep Program

 21st - 27th March 

7 Days of inspired guidance to help you relax, rest and sleep better. 

  • Are you happy with your Energy Levels? 
  • Do you wake in the night (and remain awake longer than you wish).
  • Do you regularly wake feeling tired?

Sleep is the single most effective thing we can do each day to re-set our brain and body each day.  

  • Receive your very own collection of pure Essential Oils
  • 7 Days of inspiration, guidance & tools
  • Lessons are recorded for your convenience
  • Just 20 mins per day! 
  • Combining Essential Oils with movement, breath, and specific applications to create harmony in your body.
  • Expert guidance on use of Essential Oils for your mood & relaxation. 
  • Access to your own curated private members FB group.Two Live Q & A with Amelia and Kate

Join the Sleep Program

Learning new techniques, helping to enhance the quality of your sleep, naturally

Sleep restocks the armoury of the Immune System and prevents Infection. Sleep wards off all manner of sickness and reforms the body’s metabolic rate. Sleep regulates appetite, helps to control the body weight through healthy food selection rather than rash impulsivity. Sleep maintains a flourishing microbiome in the Gut. Adequate sleep is tied to the fitness of our cardiovascular system and lowers blood pressure. When we are rested, our resilience and emotional capacity is amplified.

Are you ready to feel more relaxed and rested?

Registration by 17th March to ensure you receive your oils in time.

Click here to join, and if you already have a dōTERRA customer account via me, this program is FREE for you, contact me for your access code!

You'll be guided in your journey by Amelia Adrian (Certified Aromatherapist, Yoga & Meditation Teacher) & Kate Burford (Shiatsu Practitioner). Amelia and Kate have worked together for 5 years creating simple systems for regulating and improving health through nervous system regulation and Essential Oils.

We are so excited to welcome you